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What Is a Roaring Lamb?

A Lamb represents a Christian, A Roaring Lamb is a Christian who Amplifies their Faith.

The term Roaring Lamb originated with Bob Briner who wrote the book "Roaring Lambs."  He said, "It's time for believers to confidently carry their faith with them into the marketplace so that our very culture feels the difference." A Roaring Lamb is not ashamed of the Gospel, but boldly shares Christ and their personal testimony of what He has done in their life.  They look for opportunities to speak about the truth found in God's Word. A Roaring Lamb is a living testimony to the saving power of Jesus Christ.

A Roaring Lamb learns how to share their personal testimony, they might start a bible study, write a faith-filled book, compose a Godly song, join a secular organization or charity and let their light shine forth.  A Roaring Lamb lives Godly by exemplifying biblical principles of morality and ethics at home and in the workplace!

Tired of Christian mediocrity?  Become a Roaring Lamb!  Join us in transforming our culture and society by standing tall for Christ wherever the Lord leads you.  Not going anywhere?  Then ask the Lord to send you into battle!  The fields are "white" unto harvest ...

Let Roaring Lambs Ministries help you amplify your faith and help you effectively and confidently share your story of what God has done for you!


Roaring Lambs Ministries is about encouraging, equipping, challenging
and providing opportunities for Christians to communicate their faith!



Testimony Workshop









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Your faith story matters.  Learn how to effectively share your testimony to point others to Christ.  Small workshop setting, interactive, inspiring. 

Loving Israel 101

Come join us for a wonderful morning!


Roaring Lambs Publishing

 Amplify your faith through the written word!

Our mission at Roaring Lambs Publishing is to serve Christian writers who desire to inspire and enrich the lives of others through their books. Our goal is to provide an opportunity to take your message to the world through the written word, thus amplifying your faith in even greater ways.

Are you an author searching for the best way to publish your book? For one price, we can publish, distribute, and market your book for you. Call our office for more details!  
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