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One of the ways Roaring Lambs shares Christ internationally is through the A Time to Dream radio program. Executive Director of Roaring Lambs, Donna Skell, co-hosts the international program with Tiffany Ross, speaker, musician. The weekly interview show features guests who share their personal testimonies of overcoming trials in their lives. Subjects include abortion, addiction, abuse, near death, infidelity, dysfunctional childhoods, health issues, loss and grief, suicide, and dramatic faith transformations. Our stories can help save someone else's life.  It is God and Jesus that can save us, and sharing our stories are so important to give others help and hope.

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TWR 360 -  www.twr360.org
Fish Bowl Radio Network - www.fbrn.us internationally
Shortwave Radio at 7505 kHz

TV:  www.Liftable.TV/RoaringLambs 

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