About Fear Not For You Are Redeemed

Available in Paperback and Hard Cover

Can you identify with the fear and shame that often besieges anyone who has experienced the pain of abuse . . . whether sexual, physical, emotional, etc.?

Have you faced the aftermath of trauma, loss, or bad choices that has left you reeling... feeling saturated in grief, anxiety, or negative thinking? Do you feel stuck, wishing you could stop the endless cycle of distress?

Fear not, and know you are not alone. No matter where you’ve been or the heart-breaking situations you’ve faced, there is hope. Real hope, real healing, real freedom from fear. Your suffering does not have to be the end of your story. Your story of renewal and redemption could be just beginning.

Born into a family of abuse, author Stefanie Jane has experienced first-hand the pain and distress of trauma—and the surprising joy of finding true healing for her mind and heart as well. She takes you by the hand and leads you on a journey of a lifetime, showing you the truth and power of God’s Word, speaking to you with empathy and candid counsel, and asking the kinds of questions that challenge your perceptions. She takes you on a daily walk with the God of the universe who has never left nor forsaken you . . . and is the only One who can help you see that on earth and in heaven, you are redeemed.


Available in paperback and hard cover versions.

About Stefanie Jane

Stefanie Jane is a singer, speaker, and writer who speaks truthfully from the heart. Her passion, she states, lies in sharing her hope in healing through Jesus Christ—a hope borne from personal experience and conviction. As a trained advocate for sexual abuse survivors, she seeks God’s leading and prayerfully uses her many talents to open doors of communication with those who find themselves in hard, painful places. In 2009, she released her album See Me Change? which walks listeners through her own path of healing. Now seeking to help others remove the shame of past abuse and brokenness, Stefanie says she speaks boldly for the broken-hearted “because healing can be found when we hear we’re not the only ones.” In the Light of Jesus, she remains confident that all darkness exposed can be healed. Stefanie Jane also enjoys leading Bible studies in the Dallas area, where she resides with her husband, Brian. 

Contact Information

You may contact Stefanie at StefanieJane.com or [email protected]