Our Beginnings


Founder Garry Kinder - In 1980, Dallas businessman Garry Kinder, who grew up under W.A. Criswell’s teaching, was asked to lead a community-based Bible study at Bent Tree Country Club. The Bent Tree Bible Study, now known as the Roaring Lambs Bible Study, began as a ten-week trial project, but 38 years later, is still going strong. The Roaring Lambs group is on its fourth trip through the Bible, with Mr. Kinder as the lead teacher.  The Sunday morning event includes prayer, music, complimentary continental breakfast, and the study, ending each week with the question, "What did you learn today that is applicable to your life?"

From that original Bible Study, many outreaches have been established.  As a Roaring Lamb, the believer is confident and effective in sharing Christ with others.  To better help them to do that, Roaring Lambs offers its own Testimony Workshop - a program that helps one look back on their life and identify their spiritual time line, putting together their own personal story of what God has done in their life.

Roaring Lambs offer many opportunities to share that testimony - in their community luncheons, international radio show, workshops, conferences, and through various opportunities, as organizations seek speakers from Roaring Lambs who can effectively share Christ against the backdrop of their life.

Faith can be shared verbally and through the written word.  Each summer Roaring Lambs offers Christian Writers Conferences and has established Roaring Lambs Publishing to help Christians publish their works.

Each Fall, Roaring Lambs gather in Dallas, Texas as two men/women are inducted into the Roaring Lambs Hall of Fame, thus honoring these Christians who live out their faith at home, work, and play.