A God Thing: The Small-World Phenomena Spiritual Frequency


Have you ever experienced an “against the odds” moment?

Did you wave it off as accidental?

A lot of us ignore random events that pop up in our lives. But what if we decided to be more deliberate about the way we looked at them? We might start to see connection where we first saw coincidence and discover divine providence in place of accidental chance.

God often takes what’s uniquely individual to us to get our attention in a way we can relate to and understand. What you may write off as coincidence can be what God is using to speak into your life. What could He be trying to tell you as He walks beside you?

A God Thing: The Small-World PhenomenaSpiritual Frequency brings together the interrelationships between people, groups, and events and ties them to God.


Available in paperback and Kindle versions

About John

John S. Lee has a BBA degree from Southern Methodist University. Over the course of his long career and seventy-plus years of living, he’s been a lot of things including a warehouseman, research science lab technician, and business owner. But he’s never been a theologian – only a man trying to walk the path God has laid  out for him. Through books, sermons, Christian talk radio, prayer, and life experience, he’s steadily grown in his relationship with the Lord and wants to help others do the same. The joys of John’s life are his Lord and his wife, daughter, and granddaughter.