Inspire Overview

You'll be inspired, motivated to act, and generate new ideas as you read the monthly Born To Roar Blog, participate in Community Luncheons, or attend the annual Hall of Fame Banquet.

Hall of Fame Banquet


Celebrate Roaring Lambs Who Impact Our Culture For Christ


Mingle With Other Believers as You Hear Dynamic Speakers

Born To Roar Blog

Read a Faith-Building Blog Each Month



Share YOUR Story

Your story is meant to be shared.
Your story can give hope, insight, answers, and encouragement to others.
It doesn't have to be long or dramatic.

1.  Talk to God & fill in the prompts

  • There was a time in my life when I was ______ & _____.
  • Then I decided to follow Jesus and he showed me _____.
  • Now that Jesus has changed me, I am _____ & _____.

2.  Practice

3.  Video Yourself

4.  Share! Share! Share!