Are You Ready?

Through twists and turns, this unique memoir deconstructs the author's near-death experience, with you in the driver's seat, all while sharing how it has changed everything about his life, perspective, and time.

This wonderful first-time author brings to life a collection of unique quips, funny anecdotes, and life experiences as he takes you on the ride of a lifetime. From tough moments in his childhood to tough discussion topics, the author is constantly engaging you in this fast-paced, 200-mph story, all while asking you to think about its affect on you, your life, and your loved ones. He breaks the 4th wall, wanting you to apply the experiences to your own life, and your own family, transplanting yourself right into the story with him.

So pick up this book, strap in, and get ready for the journey that will change everything. It challenges what's most important, begs you to rethink the choices you've made, and in the end, leaves you asking...

Are You Ready?



Available in paperback and e-book versions.