About Frank

After thirty years of computer programming and business administration, Frank abandoned the technology he loved most to pursue what he hated most: writing and teaching. Why? Several vivid dreams led him to believe God wanted his life to go in a different direction. Therefore, in the last thirty years, writing and teaching have been among his greatest treasures in life.

He learned that if people want to experience God and fulfill The Great Commission, they need to tell their life-changing stories. Well-crafted stories deliver an experience of truth that the audience can’t reject.

For ten years, he directed North Texas Christian Writers to help members improve their writing and storytelling skills. In 2018, he joined the Roaring Lambs ministry to encourage and equip all Christians to tell their life-changing stories. He has taught at writing conferences and churches across the U.S. and Canada. Besides writing his own books, he does ghost writing, editing, and graphic design to help others publish high-quality books.

A widower since 2003, he has three married sons, seven grandchildren, and lives in a Fort Worth, Texas, suburb.

Storytelling At It's Best




A Practical Guide to Effective Storytelling

Years ago, classical writing used the omnisicent telling approach like a news reporter, which was great back then. Not everyone could read and write. Without TV and movies, people sat in the parlor and listened to someone read the story.

Today, our parlors have movies with setting, sound, and action. Music sets the mood of calm or panic, mystery or suspense, tragedy or comedy. Action, expressions, and dialog show the emotion. With a love for cinematic action, few people will spend weeks reading a book when they can get the story on screen in a few hours.

Books can be better than movies, but only when readers become the main character and live the story through the images, thoughts, and feelings from their own experiences.

Storytelling at Its Best goes beyond common writing practices to focus on what will make your stories captivating. Learn the simple SCOOP IT UP with its seven essential storytelling blocks to find your best storyline. Practice building great sentences with sharp detail and vivid color, with dialog and action that makes your stories real and believable.


Old Fashioned Values Matter


A collaboration with entrepreneur Jack Bush.

Like ancient gold coins from the Roman Empire . . .

Jack Bush, former president and director of Michaels stores, unearths a treasure trove of old-fashioned values that are often overlooked as worthless, tarnished rubble. Born in a small Missouri ranch house in 1934, he paved his own way to amazing success using Christian principles of hard work and serving others. Many of those values have been lost in the pursuit of what we might call fool’s gold—the government’s reward for doing little or nothing. There is hope, but we must unearth the old-fashioned gold coins.