The Color of Love

Sometimes love requires risk . . .

The small but growing town of Fair Pointe, Alabama in the late 1940’s has all the hallmarks of mid-century charm – Spanish moss dangles from the live oaks and gentle waves caress the shoreline of the gulf.  Despite her surroundings, happiness eludes Ava until she meets an African-American woman who becomes her friend, counselor, and mentor . . . but will prejudice force them to keep their friendship a secret?  Hiding in the corners of the beauty and gracious living of the South, hatred explodes into violent threats that seek to destroy kindness and friendship. Part of The Path of Life series.

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Hope On The Way Devotions

Throughout many travels with her husband, Jim, Fran Sandin encountered unique situations and interesting people. And little tidbits of God's truth along the way! Join the excursions into fifty-two devotional stories. Whether you're a seasoned journeyer or an armchair traveler, explore the possibilities of the path on which God has placed you.


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Old Fashion Values Matter 


Jack Bush, former president and director of Michaels stores, unearths a treasure trove of old-fashioned values that are often overlooked as worthless, tarnished rubble. Born in a small Missouri ranch house in 1934, he paved his own way to amazing success using Christian principles of hard work and serving others. Many of those values have been lost in the pursuit of what we might call fool’s gold—the government’s reward for doing little or nothing.There is hope, but we must unearth the old-fashioned gold coins.



Eyewitness compiles the information from the Gospels and hundreds of other Bible verses into one chronological story laid out like a story without reference or verse. The details of Jesus’ life were recorded by four of his closest followers. The result is a seamless combination of the four gospel books that will appeal to many across the board, even those who would not normally purchase a Bible.