About Morris

Dr. Morris Isara was born in Hawaii and in 1987, he and his wife, Jasmine, moved to Dallas, Texas to attend seminary. During the earlier stages of his ministry, he served in various pastoral positions and short-term missions to Latin America and Africa. Equipped with a Master of Theology (ThM) and Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degrees, he has helped countless people overcome their life struggles as a pastor, chaplain, counselor, and counseling trainer. In 2017, he and his wife, Jasmine, co-founded Shepherds Wellspring Ministries (SWM). The mission of SWM is to be a pastoral counseling resource—to sharpen skills and restore souls. His current ministry focuses on helping people experience life-transformation through writing, biblically-based counseling, and training others to counsel. Whenever possible, he finds enjoyment spending time with his two children and five granddaughters.

WHAT NOW, GOD? Rising from the Pain of Loss and Learning to Live Again

"Sometimes, you just gotta be human."

Those words were spoken by an ER doctor who broke COVID protocol and allowed Morris Isara to visit his wife, Jasmine, while she was in isolation. That proved crucial because it was the last five hours they would spend together.

When we are confronted with a crisis, whether financial, marital, physical, emotional, or the death of a loved one, the human crisis will also be a crisis of faith. Everything we believed about God and what we thought to be true about ourselves will be on trial. When the hoped-for outcome is not realized, a common reaction is, “What now, God?”

This book is about being human amid a crisis. Morris shares his pain and struggle on his journey through Jasmine’s hospitalization and untimely death. Rising from the loss emerged a soul transformed by experiencing God—His sovereignty, compassion, faithfulness, mercy, grace, and love—leaving him with life lessons to move forward. He invites you to join him on this journey so you, too, can rise from your pain of loss and live again.